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The artist has exhibited on a regular basis at various London venues since 1986. At the time of the millenium he decided to form an association for artists interested in neo-constructivist work to which this website is dedicated. Dirsh is a previous artist in residence at the Institute of Physics and is currently a permanent exhibitor at the National Physical Laboratory in Teddington.


Vladimir Dirsh
'Oparin Miller Speculations'
Vladimir Dirsh
'The Green Fuse that Drives'
Vladimir Dirsh
'Bacterial Divide'
Vladimir Dirsh
'Encroachments into Red No.1'
Vladimir Dirsh
'Bacterial Pathways'
Vladimir Dirsh
'Energy Capsules'


Born in yalta on the Black Sea, Dirsh settled in the United Kingdom in 1948. As a young man he studied biological sciences and worked for many years as a microbiologist in the areas of pharmaceutical and veterinary research projects in industry.

During the late 1960's Dirsh became interesteed in art developments in the early part of the twentieth century: in particular the Bauhaus and Russian revolutionary abstracts and at this time he began planning his first paintings, setting out ideas derived from scientific imagery. Dirsh went on to develop a style high in organisational content but non literal in thematic material.